Interpretation of the results according to the FIGO directives

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There is a scale of the International Federation of Obstetricians (FIGO), which is used in many countries.

FIGO Interpretation table.

Parameter determined on CTG Meaning - "norm" Meaning - "doubtful" or "suspicious" Meaning - "pathology"
Basal heart rate 110-150 bpm 100-109 bpm or 151-170 bpm Less than 100 or more than 170 bpm
Variability 2-25 bpm 5-10 bpm for 40 minutes Less than 5 bpm in 40 minutes or sinusoidal rhythm
Accelerations 2 or more in 40 minutes During the 40-minute examination, there are no None at all
Decelerations Not registered at all or there are rare variable Variable Вариабельные или поздние

The normal type of CTG is characterized by a basal rhythm of 110–160 beats/min, a variability of 5–25 beats/min, and the absence of repeated decelerations.

The questionable type is characterized by the absence of at least one of the characteristics of the normal curve type, but also by the absence of pathological ones.

The pathological type is characterized by a basal rhythm <100 bpm, decreased variability >50 min and/or increased variability >30 min and/or sinusoidal rhythm >30 min, repeated late or prolonged decelerations >30 min or 20 min if variability is reduced, or the presence of one prolonged deceleration >5 min.