Movement frequency

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It is difficult to say how many perturbations should be normal, since all children have different physical activity. In addition, a lot of factors affect the frequency of movements - from the well-being of the child to the mood of the mother and the weather outside the window. It must also be taken into account that the baby can sleep at the very moment of the CTG, and then his movements will be minimal. It is considered a good sign if at least a few movements are registered in a child during CTG: at least three in half an hour, at least six in an hour. But too frequent sudden movements are an alarming sign that may indicate violations in the condition of the fetus. Too rare movements are also not a very good indicator. However, if all other indicators on CTG are normal, then perhaps the child was simply asleep, and the examination should be repeated. The relationship between perturbations and the number of accelerations is also important. In a healthy child, when moving, the heart rate increases. If the movements are not accompanied by rises in heart rate, and the accelerations themselves occur spontaneously, without connection with the movement, then this is an alarming sign.